Jack Petchey Achievement Award winners

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme, recognising outstanding young people between the ages of 11-25 throughout London and Essex. The scheme is a reward and recognition initiative which enables schools and youth organisations to celebrate the achievements of their young people as well as receive additional funding.


Our latest award winners:

Abas Ahmed, 15, For supporting the u15s/U16s team leader every week and acting as a positive role model to our peers and youngers.


Aleksis Koplov, 14, Alek has been volunteering since the turn of the year, he is a very considerate young man and maturity beyond his years.


Aus Salki, 17, Supporting the organisation with obtaining our Bronze Award with London Youth. Outstanding commitment.



Continued achievement:


Zainab Ayinde, award winner in 2016, obtains 2:1 degree from Middlesex University. Well done



Shared Goals

A project to help residents lead healthy and positive lives is also giving people leaving prison the confidence to assimilate back into society

Alex earns his bike

pictured here is Alex, a year 8 pupil from Kelmscott School and the latest member of the S7 ACE Community Champions Programme.

The CC Programme takes participants through a journey from engagement to volunteering and then paid employment, not just with Us but with partners organisations including teaching, Police, Hackney Housing and more.

Alex began his journey when he turned up to a Sunday session and was the only over 11 that was there. Azi, former Kelmscott School Head Boy, encouraged Alex to help out. Since, Alex has supported Marcelo with the Tennis project and supports the Tuesday engagement programme for 4-11 year olds.

Alex represents the S7 Academy of Community Excellence, a Bulgarian young man, from our vibrant and diverse local area. Alex, like his Bulgarian compatriots, Geri and Halime as well as our Lithuanian stars Agne and Ausrine highlight the great addition these communities have been to our Nation.

A key part of our scheme is when a young person or young adult does 30-40 hours of volunteering we purchase a bike for them as a reward. Our partners A&S Cycles in Clapton, through owner Shameem Versamia offers us great in-kind and discounted support. The bike is then used for volunteering/work and also engaging in our cycling programmes.

Mubarakeh (well done) Alex and the best is yet to come.

Players Of The Season Awards Pics

Star-Player-Meal-(1)Please see attached photo of SP UTD U10s team and star players of 2015-16 Emily and Tylan. Both show all the qualities that we @ the S7 Academy of Community Excellence emphasise in all we do:

  • Effort
  • Attitude
  • Team spirit
  • Sportswoman/manship
  • Class in winning and losing
  • Ability

We thank Michael Cole, Jermaine and Ricky for all their efforts in making this league accessible in an environment that makes it easy for our groups to excel in, not just on the pitch but the social and cultural development.
Big thanks to:

  • Manish and YOUR MOVE for their kindness and support over the longer period.
  • Simon/Scott and team @ Walthamstow Leisure Centre/GLL
  • Neil Barratt @ Lammas for their support week in and week out.

My dad and Jez for giving the players lifts every week.

Finally, Yas for his time every week. Yas has been with us since our inception and seeing him develop into a Community Champion and giving his time in return for the time we have and continue to give him, is what makes us get out bed and continue to BE THE CHANGE!

East London Unites Project – Wrens Park E5/Boundary E17 – Photos

please see attached photo from last weeks launch. The East London Utd project will hopefully begin a new way of partners working together and act as a blueprint. The positive relationships with Hackney Housing and GLL have always developed on the simple basis that we have space, you can utilise this, let’s do something.

In this case, inspire this generation to follow the examples of Young Black Men such as David and Niahum, and not so young Wayne, to be proud and valuable citizens in our community, achieving in education, work and being Community Champions. Similarly the likes of Azi and Yas being positive role models to young Muslims (and non-Muslims) to instil a pride of our great nation and showing religion and culture can come together in a productive manner. Finally, the Female Community Champions, Agne, Geri, Ausrine, Zainab and Halime, who show their peers and youngers how to conduct themselves, engage in positive activities and develop transferable skills, leadership, communication, accounting, fundraising and public speaking.
This way we can address the agendas of Gangs, Prevent and Female Sexual exploitation.

The launch event saw the official induction of Paralympic Gold Medal Winner Tim Prendergast as a S7* ACE (Academy of community Excellence), along with Charles Runcie (BBC), Phillip Poole (former partnership Sergeant for Hackney) and Mark Blake (Cllr in Haringey and BTEG) we have a fab four who have all been instrumental in our inception, development and our success to date.
Tim has been a friend and colleague for a decade when he was working with Erkan Ozerek as a mentor. Erkan, now in his mid-20’s is a Deputy Leader of the Maths Dept at Lammas, a 1st class degree holder and the benchmark for all our people to inspire to be like. Tim is a humble and modest man with a desire that overcame losing his eyesight to succeed in the sports arena, but also in life. An inspiration to me and all who know him, but also the best of human beings.

We thank:
Evening Standard, especially David Cohen
London Community Foundation – Tania for her patience and support
Hackney Housing, GLL, LBWF and LB of Hackney
The S7* ACE team, especially the Community Champions and Karishma for her role in pulling this project together.
The Almighty for everything

Agne and Marcelo honoured by Denise

Tuesday 10th May saw the annual handing out of the Denise Humphrey Award. This special award was set up in 2013 as an act of gratitude by the Salaam Peace Community Engagement Programme towards Denise who has been a colleague and friend since our inception. Those of us who have been blessed to have worked and known Denise for over 15 years (longer or less) are aware that in our field of youth and community engagement she has and continues to set the benchmark for us all to aspire towards.
This years winners were:
Marcelo – Outstanding all round work including education/classroom based, Extended Schools and Community Outreach. Marcelo has excelled as a leader and his contribution to children and young people in the E10 and E17 area has been of the highest level. I have known Marcelo since he was 5 so seeing him develop into a positive role model is very pleasing.
Agne – A Community Champion and displays all that Salaam Peace stand for, hardworking, humble and an all round star. Agne has been with us for 4 years and at present supports the business side of Salaam Peace with the accounts, fundraising as well as the delivery of engagement programmes. I have been fortunate to witness Agne’s development over the last few years and the work ethic coupled with natural talent is a recipe for success.
We @ Salaam Peace are fortunate to have a team of Community Champions and the time and effort spent on building these local leaders to inspire this and future generations. Congrats to both Agne and Marcelo but they and all the team know we enjoy our success’s but continue to BE the Change.

Girls and Women United in Health and well-being

Good morning, please see attached photo from yesterdays Salaam Peace Girls and Women’s fitness session. The session started 2 years ago and was developed by Shehnaz and since has seen Community Champions Agne and Ausrine take a lead.
The project is part of our Positive Routes Tuesday Engagement Programme that sees over 120 core participants, male and female aged 4-60 engage in positive activities and wider benefits include:
Leadership skills
bringing communities together
promoting health and well-being
Developing Communities champions
reducing isolation
raising self-esteem
Sessions take place Tuesdays at Walthamstow Leisure Centre E17 8RN, come and join in one week and feel the benefits of this SABULOUS programme for yourself.
Special thanks to Simon and Scott @ GLL for their continued support and kindness.

Hands of Peace

Salaam and good morning. Halime Kamber and the team of Community Champions pulled together a SABULOUS EAST LONDON UNITES (against terrorism) initiative. Over 350 children, young people, adults (male and female) took part in sports, art, climbing walls and community engagement. The event was organised as a POSITIVE COMMUNITY reaction to the recent issues around:
Extremism – Home and Abroad
Gangs/Post code rivalries
Female Sexual exploitation
Participants from across WF, Hackney, Newham, Haringey and even Leicester took part. Special thanks to:
Ricky McMinn – For hosting the planning meeting on the 20th of Jan and all who contributed to this.
The team of Community Champions especially Halime for her vison and hard work
WFSD (Climbing wall), Essex CCC (Cricket), WF Public Health (stalls/info), Bombay Kebabs (Food), Neil Barrat (Lammas/LJP) and all who took part.
Alongside the fantastic day the first 2 SALAAM PEACE patrons were inducted, Phil Poole and Mark Blake. Both were instrumental in our inception and have continued to provide guidance and support and deserve this formal recognition.

Hands of peace (2).jpeg Hands of peace (3)

Alex, a Community Champion in the making

Pictured here is Alex, a year 8 Kelmscott student who has been engaging in SP projects for the last 2 years and began his volunteering journey 4 moths ago. Alex supports the Monday tennis session with Marcelo Tebanni Maya, also a former Kelmscott student and several other outreach programmes.
Alex is a reliable, polite and creative young man. He is the 3rd of our Bulgarian Brigade @ Salaam Peace and we see him as a future Community Champion. Alex, like all our staff/volunteers are build from within so they fully understand our work and the aims and objectives of Salaam Peace.

LOK Cycling session with SalaamPeace

Year 7 & 8 students from Lantern of Knowledge Secondary School took part in cycling & basketball sessions at Leyton Jubilee Park/Lammas School in association with SalaamPeace. Isa Adeel, Year 7, said: “We all enjoyed it! The cycling was really fun. We learnt good team-working skills with the cycling and basketball.”   It was a  thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing experience for myself and all the students involved.