Brighter Future for David and U14s

Young David Adehin, a YOUNG BLACK MAN from Kingsmead Estate, a graduate of our Brighter futures project, as part of his impact in our communities, been working with our SP UTD U14s team for almost a year now. He started out as Ben’s assistant and then worked closely with me. David now is incharge of a challenging but developing group of young men and today the team qualified for the HMSYL champions cup final.

Recently at Leyton Sixth Form College, when I was giving a SP sales pitch to Low level and disengaged pupils, David and 2 other SP Community Champions shared their journey with their peers. David said how when he first took his first leadership and coaching qualification that he had no interest in leading groups but through my persistence his learning curve and impact has been nothing short of impressive.

In a time when we still have negative headlines and stereotypes David stands tall, but as he knows, the best is yet to come and we strive for continued impact and development to Be the Change in our community that we want to see.