Brighter Future for David and U14s

Young David Adehin, a YOUNG BLACK MAN from Kingsmead Estate, a graduate of our Brighter futures project, as part of his impact in our communities, been working with our SP UTD U14s team for almost a year now. He started out as Ben’s assistant and then worked closely with me. David now is incharge of a challenging but developing group of young men and today the team qualified for the HMSYL champions cup final.

Recently at Leyton Sixth Form College, when I was giving a SP sales pitch to Low level and disengaged pupils, David and 2 other SP Community Champions shared their journey with their peers. David said how when he first took his first leadership and coaching qualification that he had no interest in leading groups but through my persistence his learning curve and impact has been nothing short of impressive.

In a time when we still have negative headlines and stereotypes David stands tall, but as he knows, the best is yet to come and we strive for continued impact and development to Be the Change in our community that we want to see.


LJP-5Friday 26th February, The Pavilion Room @ Leyton Jubilee Park becomes a YOUTH SPACE for local children, young people and adults to access. This was made possible with support from The Jack Petchey Foundation, the Leyton and Lea Bridge Wards, Your Move, Lammas School and The Salaam Peace Community Champions Advisory Board.

The LJP Youth Space will provide a safe and supervised area for local children, young people and young adults to access facilities including:

  • Punchbags
  • Weights
  • Pool Table
  • Ping/Table tennis
  • Work space

As with all Salaam Peace initiatives, the project has been designed based on need. The Project will be led by our Community Champions who are local young people and adults who have and continue to develop through a journey of participant, volunteer and employee

LJP-6Mayor Saima Mahmud:

I was invited to attend the launch as Mayor and it was really great. There were young people of all ages (youngest I think was 4 years old) but mainly teenagers 13-19 years. I played table tennis for about 20 minutes and the young boys I was playing against took it easy on me. I may have found my sport.

Being played was table tennis, snooker and boxing (training bags & boxing gloves provided) and it was good to see Shona (the lovely Headteacher of Lammas School) joining in with the boxing. There’s a lot of support for the project from the school and it is good to hear that the Pavilion room is being used by the community and voluntary organisations and this use is likely to increase.

The project itself is really worthwhile in that it allows young people to put aside stresses of everyday school and home life and just spend some time having fun in a focussed way with their peers in a safe environment. The young mentors (mostly female today – always good to see women interested in and active in sports) made the youngsters feel welcome and were at hand to show them the ropes.

Union of community groups launched with day of activities at leisure centre

Over 100 children gathered at a leisure centre for the launch of a union between social and sports groups in Waltham Forest.

The young people aged 4 to 14 took part in the launch of Waltham Forest United on Saturday (February 20) at Walthamstow Leisure Centre and Kelmscott School, in Markhouse Road.
The group will help to plan events, share expertise and build funding applications.

Organised into groups of similar ages, children completed 20-minute sessions in basketball, outdoor fitness exercises, football, cricket and martial art Wing Chun.

They also got to make and take home their very own vegetarian calzone.

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The groups bringing their expertise together were Our Parks, National Cricket League and Essex County Cricket, Salaam Peace, Worth Unlimited, SAS Martial Arts.

Alison Emmett, organiser of Waltham Forest United, said: “We believe that all the children and young people of Waltham Forest deserve opportunities to flourish and succeed, and we want to make sure that the adults in their lives are working together to make that happen.”

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Point of Light award

Points-of-Light-Award-Sab-and-Cllr-RobinsCllr Robins Leader of WF Council. The Borough wanted to officially present and acknowledge the award. It was at the annual Sports Award where last year I was awarded outstanding Services to Sport.

Joanne, can we get a quote from Cllr Robins?

Prime Minister Tweets

Screenshot_2015-10-27-19-37-27Team, well done yesterday and over the last 6 months as we have been working really hard and the foundations are laid for the next 2-5 years!

Partners – Billy, Shelly and Laura, Ricky, Manish, Lauren, Shazna, Scott, Kish, Kristine and Zaf many thanks for continued support and kindness.

Always, thanks to the Almighty for strength and patience in challenging times and grace and blessing to make us successful.

SP V Kelmscott v Lammas Badminton Competition

Please see photo from the SP V Kelmscott v Lammas badminton comp that took place on Friday 9th October 2015.

The event is part of a series of team building and staff/partner events which include football and Hit 4 Six Cricket. The Badminton was split into 2 competitions, a mixed doubles and a singles. The doubles was won by the dream team pairing of Neil and Kirstie from Lammas who beat Sab and Becky in the final 11-9. The men’s event saw favourite and Badminton King Mr Mark Smith win the competition by beating all including Tom Howell in the final.

The aim of these events is to celebrate the close working relationship between all partners/organisations and develop wider relationships in a fun environment.

Special thanks to Shelly @ B&W trophies for donating the medals/trophies and Nick Browning, manager @ Leytonstone Leisure Centre for use of the superb courts.

Until the next time!

Ari Bekker’s SP Story

Ari Bekker, former London & South East England Handball Development Officer for England Handball and the London Borough of Newham was invited to Salaam Peace summer camp in East London. Ari, who used to play professional handball and her love and passion has continued in her work in London as well as at International events (London2012 Olympics; Handball2013 Spain Handball WCh, Hungary2013 Youth Handball Wch, Qatar2015 Handball WCh.


I love handball not just as a player but as a person, who would always do anything to try to be the best I can in my work. To see young people, children with a smile on their face, play and enjoy the sport of Handball is priceless.

It was my pleasure to be at the Salaam Peace WF Summer Programme (reuniting with Sab and Nug who I worked with for many years) and engage with the kids and mentor the young staff, especially when young leaders (coaches) recognised me when I use to coach them at their primary school

It made me feel back in the old days of coaching in London.

It has been more than 2 years since I moved on from London to get some more International experience and to work in what I really love and passion about, coming back and see the great work Salaam Peace has developed and working on, is amazing to see, as well as the growth of the organisation.

Salaam Peace is not just an organisation, a project, it is a real community, with amazing participants, parents, young leaders, working all together for a better future.

Sab Bham, “Ari was a huge asset and we were blessed to have her share her time and knowledge with all the SP Family. It was as if she was a SP Engagement Officer every day for the last 2 years. Ari is a fantastic human being who has charisma, kindness and an unbelievable work-ethic, a great role model and Icon not just to Women and Girl’s but to all.”

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A future Community Champion!

Emily is a year 5 pupil at Edinburgh School and has been accessing SP provisions over the last 2 years in and out of school. Yesterday at the Girls Eid Cup Emily received an award for her continued work ethic and always volunteering her time to help us. At such a young age she set the standard at this Aprils Easter Cup when 100+ extra participants turned up. Emily kindly helped Sab and Bes set up an extra 4 pitches and mark the goals etc. Emily is always willing to help set up and take down an equipment. As well as this she is a very talented sportswoman excelling in all our sessions. A future Community Champion!

Be the Change Awards Press release written By Mayor Saima Mahumd


Fourteen years ago, nearly 3,000 people were killed in the terror strikes at the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. The World watched, traumatized, by images of people jumping out of windows, some from the 106th floor of the World Trade Centre, to escape the heat and suffocating smoke as the building burned and collapsed around them. 1,140 more deaths have been linked to the attack on the Twin Towers that day – people who worked, lived, or studied in  Lower Manhattan at the time of the attack have been diagnosed with cancer as a result of “exposure to toxins at Ground Zero”. Over 1,400 emergency response/rescue workers who responded to the scene in the days and months after the attacks have since died.

People, on a global scale, came together to condemn the attacks that occurred that day and, in its aftermath, began to ask questions such as “what could possibly lead a person to act with such callous indifference towards the life of another human being?” The American President at the time, George W. Bush, used a lot of biblical rhetoric in his speeches, such as “Good” versus “Evil” and believed that the terror attacks had invoked the wrath of a vengeful God and that he had the responsibility of carrying out God’s plan to combat Evil in the Middle East and at home.  During this so-called biblical war, we saw a sharp rise in the number of hate crime incidents in communities across the USA and in Europe.

Faith communities were among the first to come together and reject hate and the call for vengeance and called instead for the spreading of messages of peace and harmony. Community initiatives were developed and run by grass roots organizations in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, school halls and parks to counter the polarization (and further isolation) of communities that occurred in the weeks and months after the attacks. After the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London in 2005, there was again a call for greater collaboration between diverse communities to promote values of respect, tolerance and understanding in neighbourhoods across the country.

In Waltham Forest, a town with one of the most diverse populations in the United Kingdom, Sabir Bham developed a community project called ‘Salaam Peace’ that would use sports-based initiatives as a way of bringing people together from diverse backgrounds and tackling issues that could lead to communities becoming polarized by, for example, promoting positive images of Islam.


Through his work, Sabir uses every possible opportunity to shine a light on the achievements of members of the community who also work tirelessly to promote community cohesion and human values such as fairness, kindness and compassion. The active and dedicated volunteers at Salaam Peace mentor and inspire young people to achieve their full potential and ‘give back’ to the community.

The Salaam Peace ‘Be the Change’ Awards Ceremony was one such event – a fantastic opportunity to showcase the work of local volunteers and to thank them for their persistent efforts to bring people together to promote cohesion and celebrate community. Young people and adults from all faiths and backgrounds were presented with awards (sponsored and supplied by B&W) in recognition of their personal achievements and for their role in inspiring and mentoring others to also get involved in voluntary and community initiatives.

There were inspiring speeches from mentors and everyone was absolutely delighted when Manish from YOUR MOVE estate agents presented Salaam Peace with a cheque for £10,000 to support its programme of sports-based community initiatives.

Waltham Forest Community Awards were presented to the following community mentors:

Jane Brueseke (LBWF Youth Advisors/YIAG)

Dyon Munroe Robinson (Youth Support Service/Summer University)

Munaf Abhram (FC Leytonstone / Salaam Peace Leytonstone)

Neil Barratt (Lamas School Sports Leadership programme for young people)

Lee Hagger (Norlington School for Boys / Fulham FC)

The following Young People were presented with wards in recognition of their hard work and outstanding achievements:

Azi Bham (Salaam Peace/Kelmscott)

Ausine Sauklyte (Salaam Peace/Lammas School)

Keon Reeves (Salaam Peace/Women’s United)

Agne Daunoraviciute (Salaam Peace/Lammas School)

Abdi Rashid (SP Hackney)

WF Youth Provider Awards:

Karishma Mahomed – Young Advisors

Alex Muhumuza – Young Advisors/Salaam Peace/Worth Unlimited

Shehnaz Bham – Young Advisors/Young Champions/Salaam Peace

Shai Green – SAS Martial Arts

Reece Lindsay – SAS Martial Arts

Sarah Alla – SAS Martial Arts

Asha Greaves – SAS Martial Arts

By Mayor Saima Mahumd

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Dear friends and colleagues,

Salaam and good morning.

I would firstly like to congratulate all the winners from yesterday and thank all those who attended on what I would have to say was a SABULOUS night. I felt very humbled to be able to host an event that pulled together such inspiring people, young and like me, not so young!

9/11 or Sept 11th 2001 changed the world as we now see and yesterday showed what we all in WF and Hackney are doing so much to BE THE CHANGE in our community. To quote Freddie Hudson from Arsenal in the Community (2008 testimonial for me) – There is always more to be done.

As Erkan said yesterday, we will host the next BE THE CHANGE awards in 2020 as well as release the second edition of the REAL EAST END LEGACY document.

Yesterday will be my last MC role until at least 2020 (unless I am invited to MC in a PITBULL Music video)

I was overwhelmed by the attendance yesterday and felt like MARVEL – Avengers assemble, with the power houses of community engagement and such special young Community Champions in one room. I have been MC in various arenas since the age of 9, so 31 years is a long time, but this was the best event ever.

Thank you to:

  • Ivana, Ricky and Neil for their kindness in hosing the event.
  • B&W trophies for their support and Shelly and Jack for attending and adding the boy-band and glamour factor!
  • Nisha and all the SP staff, volunteers, Mike, Mark Blake and Tim for their efforts.
  • Billy for producing a worthy slide-show and for being a Top Man!

Ladies – Girls/Women’s Eid Cup Weds 16th Sept 3.30pm-6pm @ Kelmscott/Walthamstow Leisure

Finally, thank you always to the Almighty for bringing us together at this point in time, blessing us with the ability to have an impact for the long-term and uniting us as one big SP Family.

Kind regards

Sab Bham

The link for the slide-show is here: DOWNLOAD HERE

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