Hackney – a Safer Place for Everyone

DSC01222Good afternoon Sab,

THANK YOU so very much for joining us yesterday evening.  I realise this was a BIG ask given your other commitment, but as always you rose to the challenge. 

EVERYONE I spoke to or who has e-mailed this morning has said how FANTASTIC the panel was. You were a key and resounding part of this success. Your passion and wealth of experience shone through as you navigated responses to the audience so skilfully. I’ve heard you speak many times before but I was genuinely inspired by your rounded and honest answers whenever you were called on to speak. I hope you and  your brothers enjoyed yourself too.

Lots of people have already said very nice things about the event. For me, we threw the six, we’re now on the board and we can build onwards and upwards from this foundation. A number of suggestions, recommendations from the panel and the audience were very well articulated. I’m confident  Hackney Safer Neighbourhood Board  can drive forward the best of these, continue to actively challenge what isn’t working and make more things happen in 2016-17.

I hope you like the photos. Our facilitator was Anu Omideyi  www.anuomideyi.com  I’ve attached the ‘programme’ as you may find the detail useful if you put something up onyour website

DSC01233I’m now recharging my batteries in readiness to type up all the notes I took and the key issue / questions sheets people handed in. Interesting reading!

Let’s get together after Easter to take forward the recently renamed ‘Narrowing the Gap‘ project (with Hackney Community College, Salaam Peace, Reach Out) which MOPAC has now approved.

A very sincere THANK YOU.

All good wishes,


pp Hackney SNB