Not all about SPORTS! SP Team excel in GCSE results

We are very proud to announce that Salaam Peace Community Champions Azi, Agne, Ausrine and NU Volunteer/SP Committee member Halime all excelled in their GCSE results on Thursday. All 4 have supported our work in the community during this busy period and have shown that hard work, good organisation skills and a support structure from Lammas/Kelmscott School can result in outstanding success in education and life.

We are proud of all their top marks, as well as the huge impact they have in our community as well as being inspirational to their peers.

I have already said 5 years is the date when I step down, so 2 years A levels, 3 years Degree then the Apprentice process ends with someone taking my job!

Big Congrats to all and they know that the challenges to come will be even greater but they all have the work ethic to have continued success in life and studies.