SP Female Community Champions

Please see attached photo of our female members of our staff/volunteers team @ Bodrum Restaurant on Lea Bridge Road. We are blessed to have team of hardworking and inspirational local young women (and men) who go beyond what is expected to BE THE CHANGE in the community they want to see. Where possible, after undertaking a journey from participant to volunteer then paid member of staff we try to support their development by instilling the belief that community engagement is not about money but to have a positive impact in their community. An example of going the extra mile is Agne, who every Sunday will get to my house to pick up equipment at 9.30am for a project engaging local 4-11 year olds promoting health and well-being. Her work begins at 10am but the extra half an hour she contributes with her peers to ensure the participants who turn up at 10am have a project ready to go and offers them a Sabulous experience.

I take into account the added effort and every term we have meals, activities and events. A group of 12 staff/volunteers will be spending the weekend at Crown Plaza hotel in Caversham Reading as a thank you for their efforts over the last year and in some cases several years.