East London Unites Project – Wrens Park E5/Boundary E17 – Photos

please see attached photo from last weeks launch. The East London Utd project will hopefully begin a new way of partners working together and act as a blueprint. The positive relationships with Hackney Housing and GLL have always developed on the simple basis that we have space, you can utilise this, let’s do something.

In this case, inspire this generation to follow the examples of Young Black Men such as David and Niahum, and not so young Wayne, to be proud and valuable citizens in our community, achieving in education, work and being Community Champions. Similarly the likes of Azi and Yas being positive role models to young Muslims (and non-Muslims) to instil a pride of our great nation and showing religion and culture can come together in a productive manner. Finally, the Female Community Champions, Agne, Geri, Ausrine, Zainab and Halime, who show their peers and youngers how to conduct themselves, engage in positive activities and develop transferable skills, leadership, communication, accounting, fundraising and public speaking.
This way we can address the agendas of Gangs, Prevent and Female Sexual exploitation.

The launch event saw the official induction of Paralympic Gold Medal Winner Tim Prendergast as a S7* ACE (Academy of community Excellence), along with Charles Runcie (BBC), Phillip Poole (former partnership Sergeant for Hackney) and Mark Blake (Cllr in Haringey and BTEG) we have a fab four who have all been instrumental in our inception, development and our success to date.
Tim has been a friend and colleague for a decade when he was working with Erkan Ozerek as a mentor. Erkan, now in his mid-20’s is a Deputy Leader of the Maths Dept at Lammas, a 1st class degree holder and the benchmark for all our people to inspire to be like. Tim is a humble and modest man with a desire that overcame losing his eyesight to succeed in the sports arena, but also in life. An inspiration to me and all who know him, but also the best of human beings.

We thank:
Evening Standard, especially David Cohen
London Community Foundation – Tania for her patience and support
Hackney Housing, GLL, LBWF and LB of Hackney
The S7* ACE team, especially the Community Champions and Karishma for her role in pulling this project together.
The Almighty for everything