Team weekend away to Birmingham- Sunderland Ladies Superstar Stephanie Roche

Team-@-Wembley-Aug-2015The weekend was a treat for the hardwork of our staff/volunteers over this Special Summer of 2015 and for the mid-long term. The Holiday Inn hotel has a pool, gym, sauna etc and we spent the evening at Star City enjoying food, bowling and just some bonding time. For a few of the team it was the first time in a hotel like this and for us all it was a Sabulous break. I do look after my peoples!

The Sunderland Ladies team was an added perk and the striker Stephanie Roche next to me was short listed for the Goal of the year at this years Ballon D’or. The Wembley Photo was taken on way home.Team-with-Sunderlund-Womens-FC

A great weekend and a nice way to celebrate recent success’s from:

  • Azi – Excellent GCSE results
  • David/Yas – Sports Qualifications, studies and the improvement and impact of work over the last year.
  • Jermaine – finally taking up the offer to join the team and contributing over the Summer, long may it continue.
  •  Erkan/Abdi – being the premier torch bearers (along with Marlon/Agne/Ausrine) of the SP philosophy and making me wake up every morning knowing the work is worthwhile.
  • Mike/Steve for the partnership work with Kelmscott and Mike for being a great friend and Chair of the Management Committee.